Serving while you work towards what matters most to you – so that you can enjoy your free time when you finally close your laptop for the day. Our focus lounge is perfectly aligned to hit the right vibe. We give you the silence, space and energy to get your work completed efficiently.

All of our guests respect each other, knowing that as entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers, a quiet, focused space while surrounded by like-minded people, is a true work sanctuary – the feeling is mutual. This is the hotspot hub for local and passing entrepreneurs in Munich, to find each other. Our space is all the invite you need to network and meet your kindred kind, having the opportunity to integrate into a community with business events, speed-meetings and more.

Looking to be inspired? Welcome to the evolution of the coworking space, this is the focus lounge.

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 6:30-00:00 (Bar Vibes).
Saturday & Sunday: 7:00-00:00 (Bar Vibes).

Food For Thought

Goodness! Gracious!

We only serve what we know will do you – and our planet – good. Choose from our delicious menu of conscious, eco-friendly, organic food that gives your body what it deserves while nourishing your mind. We’ve got an amazing menu of fresh smoothie breakfasts, salad lunches and nutritious bowls for dinner, all without having to leave the comfort of your hot desk. This is the coworking cafe where you are welcome to stay the whole day!

We also offer a huge variety of alcoholic beverages as a well-deserved reward after a hard day of focused work – because we know what it is to live that balanced lifestyle!

Laptop Care

That’s right – we’ve even thought of this! We’ll look after your laptop for you while you’re here with us in a designated area of our hotel space. This way, if you want to pop out into the city of Munich without carrying your office necessities with you, or if you’d like to just completely take your mind off work while you socialise here in our space, we’ll hold your stuff for you. Ask one of our baristas for more details!

Make Your Moves!

Become an office hero! Spice up your conferences by booking a room for up to 8 people. We make it easy for you to organize a whole working day away from the office or to do something good for your remote employees, including a view over the rooftops of Munich!

We provide a fantastic private space that is entirely your own for meetings and we’ll be happy to bring you and your team exquisite barista coffee so you can be all the more productive. We know how to make work work! Then, indulge in lunch with your colleagues in King’s Focus Lounge where there is a delectable selection of healthy nourishment that’s a boost for your body, as well as your mind. Finally, finish the day again here with us in our lounge space that shifts to social bar vibes in the evening – ahh, now that’s a successful day for sure.

Get in Touch

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  • Rental of conference/office space
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