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About Us

King’s Focus Lounge

Our Focus Lounge concept has been dreamt up by CEOs, entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital nomads alike.

All of those that choose to work remote in coworking spaces to fuel their inspiration and motivation from the energy of the like-minded people that surround them. This is the level up of coworking cafes, because we understand what you really need to get work done, while being in a social environment where you have access to fast, reliable WiFi, great coffee with vegan milk alternatives and delicious, healthy food options!

It’s Why We Do What We Do

We created this concept because we personally know the struggle it is to find the perfect remote working sanctuary… and if you want to get the tough stuff done in the most comfortable space and efficient way possible, we know you’ll love it.

Your brain is a magnificent wonder. It is capable of individualistic thought, imagination and creation. The birth of ideas! What a miraculous ability we have all been gifted! Inspiration can come at any moment in time, and when it does, your attention shouldn’t be consumed by distractions…

In this day and age, it is impossible to not have notifications taking your mind elsewhere. So this is why we have made a space that you can call your own work sanctuary. A space to get away from the noise of the outside world, where you can come to find motivation to get the hard work done. To be cared for and catered to, with breakfast, lunch and dinner being served directly to your sacred workspace. This way you can get more done in less time. Let us look after you.

Membership Options

Half Day

Enjoy up to 3 hours in our space with fantastic WiFi, delicious free coffee (with milk alternatives) and great vibes to focus and stay productive for just €20.

20€ / Half Day

Full Day

Enjoy a full work day of staying productive without distractions – we guarantee high-speed WiFi and the best coffee, surrounded by like-minded people for just €30.

30€ / Day

5 Day Package

Not sure when you’d like to pop in and spend your time with us? We’ve got a 5 day package for you, that you can use anytime up to 30 days after purchase, at just €125.

125€ / 5 Days

Monthly Package

Make everyday a day well spent! Take up space and be inspired to do your best work yet in the most focused coworking hotspot in Munich. Join us here every day for just €425.

425€ / Month

Then, As The Office Hours End...

Mingle with those that are on the same wavelength, already in the same place! Close your laptop and meet the stranger that’s sitting next to you to make friends. Let all of your work stress melt away while you sip a frosty beer or exotic, thirst-quenching cocktail. You’ve done the hard work already behind your screen – now it’s time to get back to reality and reap your rewards with a tasty treat.

Or join us for one of our social events – see what we’re up to here. (LINK TO EVENT PAGE)

See It To Believe It